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Scaling Study Timelines To Unprecedented Levels Through Efficient Clinical Trial Management

Minerva Research Solutions works with leading pharmaceuticals & CROs by providing full-scale clinical research solutions & efficient clinical research operations support.

Our Services

Through real-time insights, operational expertise & innovative technology, we aim to bring excellence to the field of clinical research support.


Clinical Research Operations Support


Recruitment & Retention


Regulatory Processes

Minerva Research Solutions

Bringing you excellence through real-time insights, operational expertise, & innovative technology. Minerva Research Solutions is dedicated to accelerating your clinical trials through comprehensive, efficient and quality clinical trial management solutions. Our solutions are built to take your clinical trials to the next level.

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Study Procurement

Our Study Procurement team, equipped with experience & knowledge to penetrate the clinical operations landscape, oversee study lead generation, study analysis, feasibility, & study readiness.


From simultaneously managing multiple regulatory submissions, to developing submission plans, assembly, and application management, our Regulatory team ensures efficiency & compliance for your clinical trial.

Data Operations

Gathering, refining, and managing sensitive data, our Data Operations team ensures complete HIPAA compliance.

Recruitment & Retention

Establishing recruitment strategies tailored to fulfill the enrollment goals for your clinical trials, our market-savvy and experienced Recruitment team conducts digital and traditional marketing as well as patient care coordination.

Delivering Sustainable Solutions as Services

We don’t simply deliver services. We provide comprehensive and integrated solutions to real-time problems faced by sponsors & CROs. Our clinical trial support services include:

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Integrated and quality services to ensure your clinical trial has all it needs from study start-up, and regulatory, to patient recruitment and clinical trial site support.

Tried-and-tested methodologies and tailored approaches to improve research processes. This helps us fulfill our promise of providing quality solutions to clinical trials.

Our team of qualified and experienced researchers expertly conduct clinical trials all the while maintaining quality standards, as per the FDA, Institutional Review Boards, & other regulatory bodies.


Professional Clinical Research Support

— Our Strategy

Keeping Up With the Evolving Research Industry

At Minerva Research Solutions we believe in shifting away from the one-size-fits-all approach by combining pioneering science, data analytics, and technology to advance the delivery of research and healthcare. Working with pharmaceuticals and CROs, we offer integrated clinical trial management solutions that positively impact health outcomes in communities.

Our people, processes, and passion make a difference. Our leadership prioritizes diversity and inclusion. We offer innovative clinical research operations support that ultimately benefits you and the lives we ultimately aim to impact, together — patients. Through a scientific approach, agility, and creativity, we aim to deliver value to all of our stakeholders and to quickly bring solutions to those who need them.

The frontrunner in Optimized & Customized Clinical Trial Management Solutions

We aim to deliver evidence-based, technology-enabled healthcare solutions through state-of-the-art clinical trial management by partnering with world-class leaders in the research industry. We provide personalized solutions to our partners to improve healthcare outcomes.

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100+ Years
Research Experience

Our clinical staff has years of combined experience in research to deliver optimized clinical trial management solutions.

Positive Feedback

Our expertise & quality delivery has garnered positive feedback. We aim to improve with every feedback.

Studies in the Pipeline

With more studies being added in the pipeline, we strive to create new paths to develop & commercialize your therapies.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have an experienced team for patient recruitment dedicated to providing solutions such as digital marketing, SEO, the development of print media, and interacting with patients for screening. The team will undergo extensive training from our quality assurance team in terms of the study protocol and inclusion and exclusion before developing materials and interacting with patients. This will help decrease screen failures and increase participant recruitment and retention.

We provide end-to-end solutions to pharmaceutical and CROs. These include Patient Recruitment, Quality Assurance, Clinical Research Operations Support, and Regulatory Compliance. With the help of technology and expertise, we aim to enhance these services and improve overall compliance with the study protocol.

One of the software we use in RealTime-CTMS. We are also in the process of developing our very own CTMS that could potentially help research sites maintain data integrity. We also have our CRC-Checklist software that helps CRCs keep track of clinical trial logistics, and site inventory, and aid in clinical trial management.

To work with us simply contact us or call us at: 2482851562

Yes, research sites can work directly with Minerva to get started on a clinical trial. We work with multiple sites to begin the regulatory or study start-up process to ensure that clinical trial operations run smoothly for you and your site.


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At Minerva Research Solutions, we deliver integrated, end-to-end solutions to provide efficient & quality clinical trial support solutions and operational excellence. We are purpose-built to accelerate customer performance and clinical research support.

Clinical Research Operations Support

Recruitment & Retention

Regulatory & Compliance

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    Committed to delivering value to all our stakeholders through trust, groundbreaking solutions, innovation, and sustainable business practices, Minerva Research Solutions is your partner of choice in clinical trial management support. Our work and dedication to improving lives, and providing quality solutions speak for themselves.

    Discoveries & Expertise that lead to Better Clinical Trial Management Solutions

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