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About Us - Clinical Trial Operations

Delivering Excellence through Quality Clinical Trial Operations & Streamlined Processes

— Quality Clinical Trial Operations & Services

Offering Excellence Through
Streamlined Processes

Minerva Research Solutions is a clinical trial management service provider. We aim to deliver high-quality data and solutions to make your clinical trials a success. We have streamlined processes and individual departments that are involved in managing clinical trial operations. We have trained and skilled staff that has clinical expertise and background that is the driving force of a clinical trial. Minerva Research Solutions follows stringent FDA and GCP regulations throughout all phases of the clinical trial process.

Minerva Research Solutions comprises three important departments including Regulatory, Patient Recruitment, and Quality Assurance. We aim to shorten the lifecycle of innovative therapeutics by implementing streamlined procedures, strict deadlines, and immediate fixes. Our clinical trials support unit and services are developed specifically for your product and study needs.

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Delivering Quality & Innovative Solutions

How We Make A Difference?

Our processes are streamlined and our prompt service delivery makes us stand apart from the industry. Through strategically blending clinical trial operations, medical affairs, and commercial capabilities we aim to address modern market realities.

Our Tailor-Made Strategies

Shifting away from the one-size fits all approach, at Minerva Research Solutions, we aim to deliver streamlined and prompt solutions for all your clinical trial needs. We have a more disciplined approach to tackling planning, problem-solving, and execution that is a part of every study.

Our Strategy

Our Streamlined Processes

Intending to reduce the financial burden and reduce timelines, we’ve set up stringent processes to ensure excellence in clinical trial operations. Our fully integrated clinical trials management solutions organization is purpose-built to accelerate customer and clinical trial success rates.


Robust Clinical Trials Support Unit

We have a skilled team of professionals with clinical expertise and relevant clinical research background whose input helps us to deliver top-notch results. Our team is GCP compliant and we strictly adhere to FDA guidelines and regulations throughout the clinical trial.


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Minerva Research Solutions is a clinical trial operations and management service provider. We deliver biostatistical services, patient recruitment and retention, clinical data management, and site selection services to make sure that quality data and the right kind of information are gathered cost-effectively.

One of the software we use includes RealTime-CTMS. Additionally, we are working on developing our own software, which may aid research sites in maintaining the integrity of their data and conducting clinical trials smoothly.

To get in touch with us, please feel free to contact us.

Trust & Acknowledgement from Industry Leaders

Minerva Research Solutions behaves as a clinical trials support unit and we are determined to deliver value to our stakeholders through compassion, dedication, trust, and groundbreaking solutions to improve your clinical trial lifecycle.

Discoveries And Expertise That Lead To Better Clinical Trial Operations Outcomes

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