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Patient Recruitment Services

Patient-centric Approach to Enhance Clinical Trial Recruitment & Retention

Guaranteed & Targeted Patient Recruitment Services

Minerva Research Solutions is a premium provider of patient recruitment services. We delve into real-world insights to identify and screen suitable participants for your clinical trials. Our goal is to reach relevant patient populations from various domains not previously known to study registries.

Minerva Research Solutions combines its in-depth clinical trial experience and extensive marketing and advertising expertise to produce marketing solutions for your clinical trials that adhere to GCP and IRB guidelines. We develop highly targeted marketing campaigns and strategies to ensure we recruit the right participants for your study, with reduced screen fails.

— Accelerated & Targeted Approach

Clinical Trial Recruitment

For many CROs and sponsors, one of the obstacles in research is clinical trial recruitment and recruiting the right patient population for the study. With our extensive experience, our goal at Minerva Research Solutions is to design and adapt recruitment strategies to local communities, closing the enrollment gap.

Our recruitment and marketing teams are well-equipped and qualified in the clinical research arena, for phase I-IV research studies. We aim to increase recruitment rates and reduce enrollment timelines with our customized marketing solutions for your clinical research study. Minerva Research Solutions is the preferred partner of choice for multiple sites, sponsors, and CROs as we provide clinical trial support services including data operations, regulatory & consultation, and patient recruitment services — all in one place.

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Driving Patient Recruitment & Retention

Supporting sites, sponsors, and CROs with our full range of patient recruitment services.

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The process of finding, screening, and scheduling suitable candidates to participate in qualitative research studies is known as qualitative recruiting.

Media (i.e., television, radio, and newspaper), physician referrals, press releases, paid ads on search engines, SEO, landing pages & website development, newsletters, and social media marketing are just some of our recruitment methods. We aim to deliver patient recruitment services that close the enrollment gap and help your study exceed recruitment goals.

Study protocol requirements (particularly the inclusion and exclusion requirement of the study), ethical principles, the type of study design, and the data collection methods (questionnaire, interview techniques) to be used are all factors to consider when recruiting participants.

Developing websites and conducting SEO (search engine optimization) on them can help your research study generate leads. These leads are screened by our call center team as per the requirements of the study protocol. Websites and landing pages can help your site build its presence. And to further give it the boost and recognition your site, organization, or study needs, we conduct SEO which helps ensure that we generate the relevant traffic, or in other words, you get the relevant leads. These methods can further help boost your presence in the research industry as well as help you recruit participants for your research study.

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