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Patient Care Coordination

Our Patient Care Coordination is the cornerstone of High Recruitment & Retention

Expertise & Services in Patient Care Coordination

Our patient care coordinators are experienced in helping you overcome the challenges of running recruitment for your clinical research studies. They have the necessary in-depth understanding of the clinical trial recruitment process, spend time further pre-screening patients, addressing scheduling and travel concerns, and otherwise assist patients in determining whether it is appropriate to take the next step in the clinical trial.

This not only provides a central location for patients to interact with the health system, but it also provides several specific benefits that are critical to acquiring, engaging, and retaining patients. Our patient care coordination representatives are at the forefront of patient engagement. Whether it is a patient’s first or hundredth interaction with the patient care coordination team, we strive towards driving engagement.

— Driving Enrollment Across Sites

Recruiting & Retaining Patients

Minerva’s patient care coordination team comprises highly experienced patient representatives who effectively pre-screen potential study participants and maintain a propriety database. We are well-versed with the technology needed to ensure we meet all of your clinical trial communication needs, from inbound response to outbound outreach.

It is not enough that we recruit patients, it is just as imperative that we ensure the clinical trial is able to retain those patients. Including a robust retention strategy as part of our recruitment process ensures we reduce the rate of study dropouts. Achieving this requires that our patient care coordination team is extensively trained in and understands the physical and emotional aspects of clinical trial participation.

What We Offer

Patient Care Coordination Services To Expertly Meet Your Recruitment Goals

Minerva Research Solutions is dedicated to ensuring that our study site coordinators meet the enrollment goals of your clinical trial while, providing services that revolve around the patients, and offer support.

Robust Pre-screening as per Study Protocol
Subject Compliance Assistance
Reminder Calls for Appointments

Have questions?

Our patient care coordinators are in charge of assisting study volunteers with queries or issues relating to your clinical trial. Their responsibilities include speaking with them on the phone, or via email, filling out forms following each interaction to tracking frequent patient reporting or inquiries, and taking part in team meetings to develop new recruitment and retention strategies.

Kind gestures and positive everyday interactions between staff and patients result in providing high-quality care.

We make the effort to understand what our patients are experiencing, treat them with empathy, and help them to feel as comfortable as possible. We combine our cutting-edge services, such as live answering, click-to-call, or e-mail, to streamline the recruitment process and ensure protocol compliance.

Our patient care coordination team provides services and information to patients and answers their queries to ensure:


  • Highly attentive & vigorous pre-screening process,
  • Enhanced participant followup and compliance,
  • Comprehensive, confidential reporting,
  • Faster scheduling, and
  • Reminder calls for appointments.

Get your Clinical Trial Recruitment Plan Today & let us find Qualified Patients for your Study

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