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Pre-screening for Clinical Trials

Methodical and Rigorous Pre-screening Questionnaire Development for your Clinical Trials

Optimal Approach to Pre-screening for Clinical Trials

Effectively pre-screening potential participants for clinical trials is an essential part of the clinical trial ecosystem. Through our robust pre-screening for clinical trials, at Minerva Research Solutions, we aim to expedite study timelines, ultimately, speeding up commercialization plans and accessibility of therapies to patients.

Through the use of CTMS, our patient care coordination team aims to maximize your pre-screening activities, ensure you have a well-written script, ask the right questions, and deploy a follow-up plan. With our innovative strategies for pre-screening for clinical trials, we help manage your pre-screen paperwork and records.

— Unraveling the Complexities of Pre-screening Questionnaires

Boosting Clinical Trial Through Efficient Screening

Our patient care coordination team in collaboration with the quality assurance department formulates a pre-screening questionnaire that consists of straightforward questions that are easy to understand for the potential subject. This makes the recruitment & screening process swift.

With the help of innovative solutions, our team of patient care coordinators aims to make the process of pre-screening for clinical trials efficient while also providing more transparency to our sponsors. Driven by the use of technology, we aim to present pre-screening activity to sponsors and sites on a real-time basis.

How We Do It

Expediting the Process of Pre-screening for Clinical Trials

To increase the efficiency of the prescreening process, our patient coordination teams are trained beforehand on the pre-screening questionnaire and the protocol’s inclusion and exclusion criteria. Through our process of pre-screening for clinical trials which we conduct over the phone or online, we aim to boost every clinical trial’s recruitment efforts.

Well Structured Pre-screening Questionnaire
Effective Gauging Instrument
Efficient Pre-screening Processes

Have questions?

The quality assurance team with the help of the patient coordination team develops a pre-screening questionnaire that is easy to understand, follows the study’s protocol, and is engaging.

Pre-screening questionnaires are carefully developed by following the study protocol, specifically the inclusion/exclusion criteria. These questions are in exact and straightforward verbiage. Our data entry and quality assurance team vigorously train the patient coordination team before we begin the pre-screening process.

Pre-screening questionnaire is a helpful tool in clinical trials. It saves a lot of time by identifying the potential participants who may qualify for a study.

Our pre-screening is usually conducted via a telephone call, or online by our patient coordination team. We utilize streamlined technologies like RealTime-CTMS which is built to standardize the complexities of the pre-screening questionnaire. It includes toggles and comment boxes for the most important inclusion/exclusion criteria and allows us to provide complete transparency in the pre-screening process to our sponsors.

Discoveries & Expertise that leads to Efficient Pre-screening for Clinical Trial & Expedited Study Timelines

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