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Quality Data & Optimized Query Resolution Clinical Trials 

Ensuring Quality Data Delivery through Optimized Query Resolution for your Clinical Trials

Quality Scientific Data & Query Management in Clinical Trials

Minerva Research Solutions has established a strong and experienced quality assurance team that works intimately with the data entry team as a fail-safe to ensure we take no risks when it comes to your clinical trials. Our quality assurance team is solely responsible for minimizing queries that are either system-generated or manual —  to reduce the cycle time and associated cost in resolving discrepancies in the data.

We take query resolution in clinical trials seriously. Our quality assurance team’s goal is to ensure clinical data quality by identifying discrepant data on EDC and CTMS and resolving the discrepancy where required. Our stringent process of quality checks is designed as an added layer of protection for your clinical trial data operations and management. We ensure that the data is clean without any errors and if anything is amiss, it is resolved within a 24-hour timeframe.

— Smarter & Cost-Efficient Way of Doing Research

Real-time Query Resolution & Clinical Data Management

At Minerva Research Solutions, our quality assurance team conducts micro-quality checks, ensuring that there is no discrepancy in the data. Our goal is to make sure that the query resolution process is efficient and transparent. We aim to deliver quality and clean clinical data that fulfills the study protocol requirements and reduces study timelines.

We provide a customized delivery approach when it comes to query resolution — depending on the trial complexity and indication. Queries are resolved and clinical data is delivered as per the sponsor’s requirements. As a solution, our customized delivery approach in our overall data operations gives us an added edge in the market as it ensures effective and immediate results.

What We Do?

Efficient Query Resolution & Data Management Processes in Clinical Trials

With the assistance of the quality assurance team, we ensure regular data checks to remove any kind of data discrepancy through efficient query resolution and micro-quality check processes.

Stringent Data Assessments & Quality Checks
Query Resolution within 24 hours
Customized Delivery Approach

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Quality control checks for the particular error, estimate its magnitude and helps us plan out ways to remove the discrepancies and errors. Through quality control checks, we also make sure query resolution occurs in real-time for your clinical trial.

Micro-quality checks are an additional measure to ensure clean and accurate data. It also minimizes the chances of queries being generated, be they system-generated or manual.

Micro-quality checks save a lot of time for the sponsors and CROs by providing a detailed review of the subject’s data by observing strict checking guidelines in data management in clinical research.

Micro-quality check falls under the umbrella of quality assurance. The goal of both is to provide error-free data. Micro-quality checks are conducted by the quality assurance and data operations teams, regularly, to ensure that the data generated is clean, and accurate and query resolution has been conducted.

Efficient Query Resolution Solutions & Quality Data Delivery to Reduce Your Clinical Trial Timelines & Costs

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