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Quality Assurance in Data Entry for Clinical Trials 

Providing Quality Data Entry for Clinical Trials 

Quality Patient Data Collection

Minerva Research Solutions has a dedicated quality assurance department that ensures quality & clean data entry for clinical trials that is authentic and free of errors. Our quality assurance and data entry departments are accountable for minimizing the probability of errors or protocol deviations while ensuring minimal timeline modifications.

To generate quality pre-screening questionnaires, templates, and electronic source documents, the quality assurance department collaborates with the site’s Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC). The quality assurance department works diligently with CRCs to enter clean patient data and manage any queries that arise.

— Data Management & Quality Assurance Departments

Ensuring Efficient Patient Data Collection

With the combined efforts and effective communication between the quality assurance team and Clinical Research Coordinators, the data entry for clinical trials into EDC is thoroughly reviewed to ensure that there is minimal to no error in your study. We use well-known systems such as CTMS to improve study efficiency enabling you to focus on the protocol requirements rather than the day-to-day data hassles.

Minerva Research Solutions surpasses the basic function of data entry for Clinical Trials by applying feasible and efficient solutions including quality assurances, and regulatory and therapeutic expertise. Our Data Entry and Quality Assurance teams undergo robust training in Electronic data capture (EDC) systems, protocol compliance, and quality assurance to enable efficient patient data collection and control of complex Clinical Trial protocols.

Enabling Sites to focus on Protocol Compliance & Requirements

Establishing Error-free Patient Data Collection & Quality Assurance

We aim to provide streamlined solutions that are well-built and ingenious with the assistance of our competent quality assurance & patient data collection team to outshine the expectations of our sponsors. We deliver solutions that are tailored to every sponsor’s and study’s needs.

Efficient Data Entry Process
Error-free, High-quality Data
Adhere to benchmarks set by FDA & other Regulatory Bodies

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The quality assurance team is responsible for sustaining the quality and maintaining authenticity of the subject’s data. We strictly adhere to and comply with regulations from the FDA and IRB ensuring quality patient data collection for your clinical trials. With our stringent timelines, we deliver quality patient data that is error-free and clean.

The quality assurance department uses RealTime-CTMS to enter and maintain patient data and trends.

We ensure quality in your clinical trials data management by providing our research staff with relevant GCP, HSP, HIPAA, and IATA trainings for all employees, especially our quality assurance and data entry teams. We also implement the SOPs that ensure clean and error-free quality data.

The members of the quality assurance department are responsible for the quality checks to ensure that clean patient data is delivered for your clinical trial.

Discoveries & Expertise that leads to Efficient Data Management in Clinical Research

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